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5 Considerations for Online Pharmacy Shopping

Mail order pharmacies, including those of the nation’s largest “brick and mortar” pharmacy chains, have established themselves as a convenient and cost-effective alternative for consumers to get the medication that they need. To enhance personal safety and maximize the benefits of these online services, Paramount Rx, a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) and provider of a national discount network of more than 54,000 participating pharmacies, offers the following five tips.

1.Talk to a doctor first
You should always have a physical exam before getting any new medication for the first time and ask your doctor if there are any special steps that need to be taken to fill the prescription. Additionally, it’s important to only fill prescriptions that have been written by a trusted professional who is licensed in the U.S. to prescribe medicine.

2. Know your source
Before making an online prescription purchase, always research to verify the website is state-licensed and located in the United States. Your state board of pharmacy can verify this information and inform you if a pharmacy has been charged with any infractions. To find a full list of state boards of pharmacy, visit the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website at

3. Watch out for counterfeits
To avoid counterfeit and potentially dangerous products, always confirm that an online pharmacy only sells FDA-approved medicines before making a purchase. To make an informed decision you can familiarize yourself with a drug’s manufacturer, color, packaging and shape. It is against the law to sell prescription medicine without verification of a prescription and reputable online pharmacies will verify each prescription they receive before filling an order.

4. Compare prices
Online pharmacies may be more convenient, but they are not always a better cost alternative. Before making a purchase, always compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

5. Don’t overlook your local pharmacy
Prescription discount programs are offered at leading pharmacies across the nation. To increase convenience and maximize savings, most members of these free programs are provided online tools to research drug pricing and generic alternatives, and mail order options. Before researching online pharmacy options, always ask a trusted local pharmacist if online and mail order options are available.

About Paramount Rx
Paramount Rx is a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) focused on consumer-driven health care to help clients provide services for consumers to save money on prescription drugs. The company has tailored programs to help their customers and consumers achieve significant savings with discount prescriptions through a national network of over 54,000 participating pharmacies. For more information, visit

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