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Paramount Rx Collaborates With IBC Bank to Better Serve Customers

By collaborating with Paramount Rx, organizations can offer their customers, members or employees significant health cost savings, a service that can go a long way given today’s drastically escalating drug prices.

For example, Paramount Rx recently worked with IBC Bank, one of the top performing banks in the nation, to provide IBC’s customers with new, valued services and demonstrate its commitment to economically assisting the individuals, families and businesses it serves across Texas and Oklahoma.

The program is building loyalty among existing customers and their communities, and attracting new customers. In addition, the pharmacy discount program is helping the bank’s community support shine through for federal regulators who measure how well banks are economically supporting the communities they serve.

IBC Bank began working with Paramount Rx on the We Do More Rx Program in 2011. Pharmacy discount cards were mailed to customers made available at bank locations. Today, thousands of customers receive discounts every month at pharmacies throughout Texas and Oklahoma. In fact, IBC customers, friends and family have already saved over $800,000 off the retail price of their prescriptions.

“We’ve received very positive responses from customers about the money they are saving, such as one person who did not have insurance telling us they saved $130 on a very expensive prescription,” said Dale Randol, IBC Insurance Agency executive vice president and chief operating officer. “We had more than a hundred calls during the first month of the program from customers who said they appreciate what we’re doing.”

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