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5 Benefits of Partnering with Paramount Rx

The ultimate goal of a prescription benefits manager (PBM) is to provide consumers with easy access to the medications they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping costs at a minimum. To achieve this goal, Cary, N.C. based PBM Paramount Rx works with a network of over 54,000 national, regional and local pharmacies to save customers an average of 36 percent off the retail price of prescriptions.


Paramount Rx was formed by a team of industry experts in an effort to create a PBM that effectively bridges the relationship between the employer, the consumer, and the pharmacy industry. Tailored plan designs, effective cost sharing strategies, transparent pricing among all parties, and lower drug costs are all integral factors providing benefits to our customers.

Paramount Rx also goes above and beyond in a number of ways in order to further assist the millions of Americans who are either uninsured or underinsured. For example, Paramount Rx’s plan offers the following benefits:

1. No cost for the customer
Paramount Rx clients are provided, at no cost, nationally recognized pharmacy discount cards resulting in increased cost savings for employees, association members and customers. In some cases, discounts through the Paramount Rx program will cover drugs not included in insurance-based plans or offer greater savings.

2. Accessibility to all prescription drugs
The nationally recognized Paramount Rx discount drug program provides discounts on all Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescription drugs. There are no limited lists, no waiting periods or deductibles and discount cards are active the moment they are presented at a pharmacy.

3. Convenience
The Paramount Rx prescription discount drug card is widely accepted at over 54,000 participating pharmacies across the United States, including all national and regional chains, pharmacy associations as well many of your local community pharmacies. If your local pharmacy is not participating please have them contact Paramount Rx to obtain the proper enrollment materials.

4. Online Tools
Through a customized website for each customer, users can access participating pharmacies in their community, get real-time discounted pricing at the participating pharmacy of your choice, check mail order pricing, research drug information, and search for generic alternatives. Customers can even print a ready for use pre-activated card all from the convenience of your home!

5. Savings for everyone
The Paramount Rx program features absolutely no deductibles or maximum benefit limit. Additionally, discount cards are valid for all family members, even those with four legs! With over 150 million companion pets in U. S. households and over $12 billion spent annually on veterinary care, Paramount Rx introduced to combat the increasing costs associated with pet medications.

The Paramount Rx Prescription Discount Program aims to do its part in helping to reduce the number of American’s affected by escalating medical costs or lacking health care coverage. The discount program is simple to implement and can accommodate groups of all sizes, all the way down to individual households. For more information, visit

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