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Paramount Rx Saving Money for Consumers in the Midst of Changing Health Care Landscape

Paramount Rx, a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) focused on consumer-driven health care, is helping customers save money on prescription medications as new health care legislation continues to roll out and expenses remain high.

Bringing both opportunity and challenges for consumer across the country, the new health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act opened this month. The program provides millions of Americans with access to insurance, but also comes with questions regarding expenses associated with each plan.

With nearly 70% of Americans taking prescription medications, according to a recent Mayo Clinic report that came out this summer, potential out-of-pocket costs on drugs will be a major consideration for both the newly insured, and those assessing their current plans as premiums continue to rise.

Prescription drug coverage will be considered an “essential health benefit” for many programs under the Affordable Care Act, but depending on their plan, consumers may have more hefty co-pays with their prescription purchases. A recent HealthPocket report laid out the available rate filings for 2014 plans to determine what consumers will pay for drugs and indicated that out-of-pocket expenses for drugs typically go down as the health plan metal category goes up.

This means higher prescription drug costs for people using the bronze and silver plans, which offer the least amount of health coverage. Helping consumers deal with the expenses associated with these plans, a prescription discount card can be utilized to navigate the waters and ensure they are saving the most money on their medications. Paramount Rx plans for customers are offered with no cost to the consumer. The discount prescription card is much like having a loyalty card on hand to ensure the best price available.

“When comparing the retail price for prescription medications, a consumer should always present a discount card to ensure they get the best deal,” said Mike Sallusto, executive vice president of Paramount Rx. “They will be receiving the lowest price by consulting with the pharmacy and asking to compare costs through the discount card program and its negotiated rate, their insurance plan and the pharmacy price. The pharmacy can always compare the cost between the discount card and the pharmacy price, and upon request compare the lowest rate with an insurance plan.”

The Paramount Rx discount card program requires no deductibles or maximum benefit levels and no exclusions for pre-existing health conditions. The program also hosts online tools and resources to help users locate one of its 54,000 participating pharmacies across the nation, research drug pricing and availability, including generic alternatives and access mail order services.

Whether assisting uninsured individuals as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, or making sure that consumers achieve the lowest costs on prescription drugs when they go to the pharmacy, Paramount Rx and other PBMs will always have an essential place in bridging the relationships among businesses, consumers and the pharmacy industry.

For more details on the Paramount Rx prescription discount program, along with details on how consumers can achieve unparalleled cost savings for their families and even their pets, please visit

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