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Five Gift Ideas for Pets this Holiday Season

As the holiday season gets into full swing, so does the process of shopping for gifts for your loved ones. While nailing down the perfect presents for your family and friends often takes priority this time of year, it’s also good to remember our beloved pets in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. Pets are big part of our families, so we’ve put together five fun and easy gift ideas to show them some love this holiday season.

  1. Gourmet Treats – Humans shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to indulge over the holidays! Make a trip to your local supermarket or pet store for some delicious, animal-appropriate treats. Don’t have access to a nearby pet supermarket? There are plenty of treats that you can make right in your own kitchen, including pumpkin pie cookies for cats and dogs.
  2. A Toy – Whether it is a fresh ball of yarn or a new bone, few things can excite a pet like a brand new toy. Many classic and inexpensive pet toys can be found in your local grocery store, making this an easy option for busy pet owners. If all else fails, an old shoe would probably do the trick too!
  3. Automatic Feeder – Give your pet the gift that keeps on giving with an automated feeder or water dispenser. Without requiring your attention every time the bowl or water dish needs filling, this item makes a useful gift for both pet and pet owner.
  4. Personalized Tags – This is another great gift that benefits pets and their owners. Personalize your pet’s collar with a tag that includes contact information like your cell phone number and email address. The item will come in handy if your pet ever gets lost and needs to find their way back home.
  5. A Bed – It’s getting cold outside and pets want a comfortable place to cozy up for nap, too! Pet beds are great for crates, around the house or even when you decide to take Rover on vacation. They’re also more inexpensive than you might think, costing as little as five dollars from some department stores like Walmart over the holidays.

These winter months are also a sicker time of year for pets, just as they are for us, so be sure your furry friends are prepared for the harsher weather and stay healthy with routine vet checkups. In commitment to pet wellness, we collaborated with the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to launch the Help A Pet Rx and Save a Pet Rx prescription benefit card programs to assist families and pets in need of prescription medications at no cost to the customer.

With each prescription purchase made using the cards, $1.25 will be also donated toward the ASPCA through June 2014, making these cards both a practical and charitable gift. Both cards are accepted at more than 54,000 national, regional and community pharmacy locations across the nation. Online tools are also available to help locate participating pharmacies and research drug pricing.

For more details on the Paramount Rx prescription discount program, along with details on how consumers can achieve unparalleled cost savings for their families and pets, please visit

Happy holidays from Paramount Rx!

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