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Debunking Misconceptions Surrounding Prescription Discount Cards

In this changing health care environment, employers and consumers are both being burdened by the rising costs of prescription drugs and other medical expenses. As healthcare reform continues to roll out across the nation, prescription discount cards can serve as a unique tool to help tread this unfamiliar landscape.

Unfortunately, for a variety of factors, misconceptions sometimes surround discount card programs and the services they can provide for both insured and uninsured individuals. At a time when savings are especially crucial when it comes to important medical prescriptions, we’ve examined some of the most common and costly misconceptions surrounding discount card programs.

Prescription discount cards are a scam – This is an unfortunate misconception often generated by the controversial, direct-to-consumer, marketing practices of a few programs. The truth is, however, there are many valuable discount card programs that provide genuine savings opportunities on prescription medications. Many reputable business and other organizations utilize discount card programs to serve both employees and customers. Often offered at no cost to the user, they can be used much like a loyalty card to ensure the best price available, whether through the discount card program and its negotiated rate, their insurance plan or the pharmacy price.

The savings are not significant – Because discount card programs require little obligation from the user, people sometimes mistakenly believe the savings must not be significant. In actuality, consumers can achieve upwards of 30 percent or more savings with legitimate discount card programs, sometimes even beating out the prices presented with insurance plans. These programs are important in bridging the relationships between employers, consumers and the pharmacy industry, helping keep drug costs more affordable and ensuring people get the best deal on their medications.

Discount cards aren’t transparent on pricing – This is one misconception that is lessening in the digital age. Prescription discount card programs today can utilize online portals and other resources to interact with customers and provide up-to-date information on drug pricing, rather than estimates. The Paramount Rx network, for example, maintains an online pricing tool that provides specifics on drug pricing that is updated weekly, or even more frequently, to ensure accuracy and reliability. Participants can also call to verify pricing over the phone.

As the health care landscape evolves, a number of companies and other organizations are adopting a consumer-driven health care model that utilizes a discount prescription card benefit. Paramount Rx has established programs with a variety of organizations, from non-profits like the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to businesses like IBC Bank and its 85+ communities across Texas and Oklahoma.   

To date, these discount programs have helped customers save millions of dollars off the retail price of prescription medications. With no deductibles, maximum benefit levels and no exclusions for pre-existing health conditions, they continually provide valuable resources for the businesses and communities they serve.

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