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Open Enrollment Trends Highlight the Importance of Prescription Discount Programs

With open enrollment currently underway, millions of Americans are signing up for new health insurance plans and prescription coverage looks to be a major area of concern. In fact, a recent report revealed that the biggest factors predicting consumer satisfaction with their health coverage relate to how much money they spend out-of-pocket in copayments and deductibles on prescription drugs and medical care.

It’s no surprise that out-of-pocket expenses have become a big focus for consumers, especially as prescription drug prices have continued to rise. As highlighted in a recent DailyFinance article, even generic medications have seen dramatic price hikes recently – which has garnered attention from the Senate and presidential candidates on the campaign trail.

With drug prices continuing to rise, it’s now more important than ever for people to get savvy in how they save money. Even those with existing insurance coverage can sometimes find better savings on their prescription drugs by using consumer resources like a discount card program. Consumers can ensure they’re getting the best price on their medications by applying a few best practices when filling their prescriptions, first checking the price through their insurance and then comparing the costs to the rate through their active discount program.

The Paramount Rx discount program was created specifically to address the escalating cost of medications, offering resources to folks who are underinsured or uninsured in addition to those who have health insurance. The program saves card users up to 70 percent off the retail price of generic drugs and 20 percent off brand-name medications. There are also online tools available to help consumers locate a participating pharmacy, research drug pricing and availability, and access mail order services.

In addition to working with a national network of over 57,000 participating pharmacies, Paramount Rx has established partnership discount card programs with a variety of organizations to benefit their employees and customers – from local chambers of commerce to major supermarkets and national nonprofits.

For more details on Paramount Rx, along with information on how the program provides cost saving for both families and pets, please visit

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