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Online and Mobile Innovation is Changing the Way We Do Business

It’s safe to say that new online technologies and mobile platforms are having a far-reaching impact on today’s economy, playing a big role in how businesses interact with their customers. In perhaps the strongest illustration of how influential these elements are in the consumer landscape, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron recently revealed in an interview that he wants to allow mobile use in movie theaters – reversing the longstanding regulation in an effort to accommodate more millennials.

The evolution of products and services can be seen across a wide variety of markets and its effects have not been lost on the pharmacy industry. As a potential foreshadowing off where things are headed for consumers when it comes to prescription shopping, CVS recently launched a new mobile application dubbed CVS Express. The application is designed to make the drug buying process simpler, allowing customers to order most items using their smartphone and even get their order delivered to their vehicle when they drive up to the store.

It’s an interesting development and the trend of online and mobile services extends to prescription discount programs, which make it easier for customers to save money on their medications. The Community Cares Rx discount program was developed with ease-of-use in mind for participants who prefer to use Internet resources, letting them print a pre-activated discount card from the comfort of their own home.

By utilizing the card, individuals and families can save up to 70 percent off generic drugs and 20 percent off brand-name medications. Online tools also allow card users to locate a participating pharmacy and research drug pricing and availability, providing an extra layer of convenience to ensure customers have everything they need to make pharmacy shopping decisions.

As recent examples suggest, innovation is on the forefront of many industries where companies are harnessing the latest consumer technology to benefit customers. From the processes for buying food to how we pick up our prescription medications, it will be interesting to see what else is in store as advancements continue to develop.

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