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Prescription Costs Impacting the 2016 Election

No matter which way you lean politically, the rising cost of prescription medications and other health care services is an important topic and one that is impacting millions of Americans. As the presidential election swiftly approaches, the need for candidates to address this issue is more important than ever. In 2015, a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll revealed that 42 percent of families consider it difficult to afford health care – a stat that is no doubt even higher for those who are uninsured or have lower incomes.

Some of the major factors behind rising prescription costs include patent delays in the development of generic drugs and the surge of expensive new medications for various medical conditions and treatments. This has greatly increased the cost of brand-name prescriptions, as the average cost has risen by more than 25 percent since 2010. Consumers are certainly feeling the effects, as illustrated in an August 2015 KFF poll where 24 percent of those who take prescription drugs reported that in the past year they or a family member have not filled a prescription due to cost.

As prescription costs continue to cause headaches across the country, it’s no surprise the public is interested in hearing what the presidential candidates have to say about the issue and their views on how to combat this damaging trend. Republication Candidate Donald Trump has focused his attention to the negotiation of drug prices with drug companies to lower prices and counter the powerful lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical industry, while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan emphasizes holding companies accountable for rising prices and increasing competition in the production of generics while pushing for a cap on how much insurers can charge families in out-of-pocket costs.

While it is promising to see that the issue is being taken seriously by candidates with just a few months until election time, there are likely millions of consumers asking themselves what they can do now and in the foreseeable future to alleviate the burden of rising prescription costs. For the countless Americans facing high co-pays, or those who do not receive sufficient health care coverage from their employers, a discount card program is one of the most effective tools to help do research on drug pricing and save money.

Online programs like Community Cares Rx provide free, easy-to-use resources for users who can simply print a pre-activated discount card from the comfort of their own home. By utilizing the card, individuals and families can save up to 70 percent off generic drugs and 20 percent off brand-name medications. Online tools also allow card users to locate a participating pharmacy and research drug pricing and availability, providing an extra layer of convenience to ensure customers have everything they need to make pharmacy shopping decisions.

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