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Uncertain Outlook for Healthcare and Prescription Costs Heading into 2017

Healthcare continues to be a major concern for Americans, particularly following this year’s election. As the country faces transition in the White Houses this January, there is a measure of uncertainty surrounding key topics for the public – including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the rising cost of prescription drugs. If recent media coverage and reports are any indication, this issue will remain a complicated one in 2017.

As Kaiser Family Foundation president and CEO Drew Altman noted in a recent column, Republican plans for a potential appeal of the ACA and other grand legislative changes may see delays. The Foundation’s first Health Tracking Poll since the 2016 election found that the public remains divided on what should be done with the ACA:

  • A total of 26 percent of Americans want to see the entire law repealed, while 17 percent want to scale back what the law does
  • A total of 30 percent of Americans want to see the law expanded, while 19 percent want to keep the law as is

While it’s difficult to predict the fate of the ACA, the public should prepare for price tags to remain high on their prescriptions. Though EpiPen maker Mylan NV has become the face of public backlash recently for price hikes, many drug makers have implemented increases over the past year that continue to make things difficult for consumers. 

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