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2018 Prescription Drug Trends

For many people, the New Year represents a fresh start and new beginnings. But a cloud of uncertainty still looms over the healthcare industry, and it’s more important than ever to understand the factors that could impact the cost of care for you and your family. Here are a few trends to keep in mind heading into 2018.

Specialty Drugs and Personalized Medicine Will Rise in Popularity
Once used only to treat very specific types of cancers and chronic conditions, specialty drugs are growing in efficacy and popularity. The past decade has seen a spike in specialty drugs, and doctors are now able to more accurately pinpoint the most effective treatment methods for specific conditions. The trend of personalized medicine will continue into 2018, allowing people suffering from rare conditions to receive the treatment they need.

Markets Will Still Be Uncertain
Although lawmakers haven’t decided exactly what changes will transpire in 2018, some health insurance marketplaces are expected to change. Some insurers will no longer offer services in certain counties, and rates could fluctuate. Bloomberg reports that 43 percent of Americans will have fewer options when choosing a plan or provider than they did in 2017. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your plan and provider, and stay apprised on any changes you can expect in the New Year.

Prescription Costs Will Go Up
A new study from Segel Consulting forecasts that for the second consecutive year, prescription drug prices will rise an average of 17 percent in 2018. The study found that the catalyst behind this increase is price inflation for physician services, hospital services and prescription drugs.

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