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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Only eight percent of people who make a New Year’s Resolution stick to it, but setting realistic goals, celebrating incremental progress and recommitting when you fall off the wagon can help you follow through.

Many aspects of your life affect your health, so no matter what your 2019 resolutions may be, they can all serve as an opportunity to improve your overall wellbeing. Here are some thought-starters to help you stay physically, mentally or financially fit in the new year:

  1. Resolution #1: Save more money – According to Fidelity, 32% of people plan on making some sort of financial resolution in the new year. Small, everyday savings can really add up over the course of the year. Little things like writing a shopping list and sticking to it, signing up for rewards programs from credit cards, inviting friends over instead of going out to dinner and drinking more water can all save you a lot of cash in the long run. Some costs are unavoidable, like rent, food and medications, but there are ways to save in these areas too! If you’re taking prescription drugs for common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, participating in a program like Community Cares Rx could help you keep costs down. The program allows you to print a free, pre-activated discount card and use it at your local pharmacy to save up to 70 percent off generic drugs and 20 percent off brand-name medications.

  1. Resolution #2: Get healthier – According to Gold’s Gym, gym memberships spike 40 percent in January and quickly decline as people get discouraged with their yearly fitness goals. If your resolution in the new year is to get healthier, think of ways to hold yourself accountable. Get a gym buddy who will workout with you and help you stay on track. Meal prep one week in advance to make it easier to eat healthy after a long day of work. Go to the grocery store on a full stomach so you aren’t tempted to buy things that don’t advance your goals.

  1. Resolution #3: Be kinder – If your resolution is to start giving out some good energy, you’re in luck! Researchers at Oxford found that being kind to other people causes a small but significant increase in a person’s well-being. Resolving to practice gratitude in your everyday life has even more significant benefits including improved relationships, physical health, better self-esteem and sleep. Decide to be kind in 2019 and everyone will feel the good vibes!

Best of luck with your 2019 resolutions! For more details on Community Cares Rx and other programs that provide costs saving on prescription medications, please visit

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