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Community Cares Rx Saved Customers more than $400 Million on Prescription Medications in 2018



If you’ve ever wondered if prescription discount cards really do offer the savings they claim, take this in to account. 

In December, Community Cares Rx was proud to announce they saved customers more than $400 million with their prescription discount card program in 2018. Now, with spending on pharmaceutical drugs expected to keep rising, people are paying attention to their health care coverage and are looking for a plan that provides the coverage they need without costing a fortune. 

With an estimated 12 percent of all health care spending in this country going towards prescription drugs, discount cards for prescriptions are getting more and more popular, and the reason is simple. The savings are astronomical. 

The free Community Cares Rx prescription discount card helps provide immediate savings to millions of underinsured and uninsured American families, strengthening communities by giving people an easier path to affordable prescriptions. 

“Many of our customers are facing important health care decisions and contending with increased premiums, cost-sharing increases, and deductible resetting,” said Ron Richmond, senior vice president of provider relations at Paramount Rx. “By eliminating the high fees typically associated with prescription discount cards, we are able to pass significantly more savings along to customers than many other programs in the marketplace.”

Discounted Medication Prices

The fact that more than $400 million was saved by those using the Community Cares Rx free prescription discount program will become even more important in the next several years. According to a report released by IQVIA in April, spending on prescription medicines in the United States will jump from 4 percent to 7 percent by 2022, increasing from $580 billion to $610 billion. 

A prescription discount card allows patients to save on prescription drugs at their local pharmacies and can be used in lieu of health insurance if the discounted price is cheaper than their insurance copay or can make medications more affordable for the uninsured. 

While 70 percent of today’s discount card users have insurance, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, many users also have high out-of-pocket drug spending. Community Cares Rx has a network of pharmacies and partners that often times allows them to offer prescription drugs at a lower price than the required insurance out-of-pocket expense – average savings for Community Cares Rx card users is over 50 percent. When at a pharmacy, simply present your discount card to your pharmacist to receive Community Cares Rx negotiated pricing. 

It is important to note that prescription discount cards are not insurance and should not be considered a complete replacement for health insurance coverage. But the cards are especially helpful to those without insurance. Because many prescription drugs can be too expensive, prescription discount cards can reduce drug prices dramatically.

More Than Savings

In addition to helping customers save money on their medications, Paramount Rx, who operates Community Cares Rx, invested heavily in communities across the country in 2018. Recent efforts include funding vaccination programs in Texas, supporting diabetes education initiatives in Minnesota, and donating to community-based food charities in Florida.

The Community Cares Rx card is accepted at more than 57,000 pharmacy locations across the country. This expands options for customers and allows them to stay with their preferred community pharmacy. Their easy-to-use online tools allow users to locate a pharmacy and research drug pricing and availability, providing an extra layer of support and convenience in the pharmacy shopping experience. Download your free prescription discount card today and start saving up to 70 percent on generics and 20 percent on brand name medications.

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