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Maintaining Your Supply of Prescriptions During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to stock up on your medications. Getting a 3-month supply can help ensure proper social distancing and eliminate the need for multiple trips to the pharmacy, and give you one less thing to worry about in these stressful times. Stay stocked up so you can:

  1. Save money – In many cases, buying in bulk is cost effective. The same can be said for buying prescriptions in a 3-month supply versus a single month’s supply. A study by the University of Chicago Medical Center found that patients who bought 3-month supplies saved an average 29 percent in out-of-pocket costs for prescription medicines, and 18 percent after factoring in third-party payers. Drugstore delivery services are another useful, safe option. These pharmacy services allow for convenient delivery at a low or free rate. Pairing a prescription delivery service with a discount prescription program like Community Cares Rx will save you money and a trip to the pharmacy.
  1. Make fewer trips – Everyone could benefit from one less trip to the store as we practice social isolation due to COVID-19. Purchasing 3-month supplies of your prescriptions limits the number of visits to your pharmacy. At home delivery services are a great way to get your 3-month supply without leaving the comfort of your home. Drive-thru pharmacies are convenient choices for those who would rather make a trip to speak to a pharmacist or those who want to pick up their medicine on-the-go. Quickserv recommends drive-thru pharmacies for their accessibility to a range of patients. People who are unable to mobilize efficiently benefit from receiving their medicines via drive-thru window.
  1. Be prepared – Having a 3-month supply of your medicine on-hand keeps you ready for the unexpected. Business Insider recommends investing in a 3-month supply now and utilizing temporary waivers from insurance companies on single-month supplies. Don’t overstock, but have what you need, so you’re ready for the next several months of quarantine.

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