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A Year in Recap: Health Advances Paving the Way Toward a Bright Future

The medical industry is continuously evolving, working to perfect the next new treatment or technological innovation that will transform the future of healthcare. While the world was consumed with the latest COVID-19 vaccine and treatment updates, the medical industry has been continuing to break boundaries in other areas. Here are three breakthroughs discovered this year that will continue to change the game in 2022: 

Advancement in Obesity Medication 

Semaglutide, the new obesity medication hitting shelves following the FDA’s approval in June, offers treatment to the 78 million Americans facing the risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions as a result of carrying excess weight. Semaglutide recipients lost nearly 15% of their body weight on average, proving this new medication is significantly more powerful than other obesity medications.  

 Smarter Pacemakers 

Pacemakers, technology that delivers electrical impulses to heart muscle chambers to prevent heart arrhythmias, are used by over 1 million patients. These devices are remotely monitored using Bluetooth technology. Now, patients are able to use this technology to link their pacemaker to smartphone-based apps that will help them better understand and utilize the devices. In addition, pacemakers have shrunk in size.  

Universal Hepatitis C Treatment 

Individuals who face hepatitis C, also known as the “silent epidemic,” face a number of serious risks including cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. While there are drugs available to treat the condition, they have been proven to be ineffective for certain genotypes or come with undesirable side effects. The FDA has approved a fixed-dose combination of drugs that is more than 90% effective in treating hepatitis C genotypes 1 to 6.  

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