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Be the Healthiest Version of You in 2022

2022 is not just a new yearbut a chance to start fresh. Whetheryou want toeat healthier, exercisemorefrequentlyor spendextratime with family and friends, now is the time to startimplementingproactive health measures and makingthis next year your bestoneyet. Here are fourpractices to help ensure you have a happy and healthy 2022: 


Allow2022to bethe year that youput yourself first.Read a new book. Meditate more often. Get outside.Self-carehelpsyoucope with dailystressors;it isimportant tofind methods that work for youtoguarantee long-term physical and emotional health.  

Schedule your doctor’s visits 

You should be visiting your primary care provider each yearto receive a physical exam.Beproactive andschedule appointmentswith your dermatologist, eye doctor and dentist. Females shouldalsomeet with their gynecologiston a yearly basis. Getahead of the game andon your doctors’calendar now!  

Make an anti-resolution 

Instead of focusing on what you should be doing in the new year, try identifying what you shouldn’tbe doing.Anti-resolutionssingle outthe self-destructive behaviorsthatmakeyour life more difficult,helping youto becomespecific and smart about howtowork towardsbeingthe best version of yourselfin the future.  

Set your nutrition goals 

Ifyouwant topractice better nutrition and exercise more, tryimplementingsmall changesinto your daily routine to help youbuild and retain consistencyin your health journey.Followinga daily schedule is a greatfirst stepto makingsureyoueat balanced meals every four to five hours, includinghealthy carbohydrates,fatsand lean proteins. In addition,a schedule willencourageyou tofindoptimalperiods in the day for a quick walk, trip to the gym or a stretch break.  

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