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National Pharmacist Day: Celebrating the Backbone of the Healthcare Industry

Where would healthcare be without pharmacists? In celebration of National Pharmacist Day, which was on January 12, it’s important that we highlight the great work pharmacists are doing to help advance the industry and provide quality care for the general population:

Improvement in population health

Over the years, pharmacists have played an integral role in helping manage the outcomes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Most chronic diseases require long-term medications and high levels of adherence, making pharmacists a key contributor to the successful management of these diseases. To resolve the healthcare workforce shortages taking place across the country, pharmacists have stepped up to fill the gap and provide team-based care.

Combatting the rising cost of drug therapy

Drug prices have been on the rise since 2013 due to new FDA approvals, medication shortages and specialty therapies. The cost-effectiveness of pharmacists coupled with their impact on inpatient healthcare outcomes have helped healthcare teams reduce the average price and length of individuals’ hospital stay. As COVID-19 continues to have a massive impact on hospital pharmacy revenues, pharmacists can help contain costs while performing pharmacotherapeutic consultive services. 

Leading vaccination programming

Since the American Public Health Association identified pharmacists as an underutilized resource in 1981, community pharmacists have been working to administer vaccinations and assist in addressing other public health needs. Each state has expanded the pharmacy scope of practice to include vaccine administration, although details vary from state to state. In addition to administering FDA-approved COVID-19 tests, pharmacists are now allowed to order vaccine

supplies directly from the federal government and provide vaccinations to children above the age of three.

Pharmacists are among the most trusted healthcare professionals and are often accessible when other physician offices are closed. Like your community pharmacists, our team at Community Cares Rx takes your health seriously and wants to make the process of receiving access to your prescription medications easily and affordably. Sign up to receive a prescription discount card today and unlock a number of resources including online price comparison tools and pharmacy locators.

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